“Chaplin” cafe - bistro

Stroller Charlie - one of the most popular cinematography characters is waiting for you here, in Yerevan, to add new meaning and beauty to your day....

Address:  20 Mashtots ave., Yerevan,
Phone:  (+374-91) 88 15 88 , (+374-95) 88 16 88

"Mr. Gyros" Fast Food Center

“Gyros” is a Greek word translated as to change, to whirl. This wording explains the way “Mr. Gyros” operates through which and around which everything constantly ...

Address:  40 Tumanyan str., Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 502233

"SFC Express" Fast Food Center

"SFC Express" has become ideal and comfortable casual places for family meetings. You can enjoy your breakfast or lunch on the spot at "SFC Express". Here the ...

Address:  12 Tigran Mets ave., Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (374-10) 52 42 32

"Queen Burger" Fast Food Center

In December 1, 1996, took place the official opening of “Queen Burger" fast food service. The cafe is equipped with modern specialized equipment, because of ...

Address:  Tigran Mets and Khanjyan Crossroad, Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 58 92 97, (+374-10) 58 92 97

"KARAS" national food chain

“Antana” Ltd was founded and started its activity in 1998. In 2001 the organization began food production. “Antana” Ltd was the first in Armenia to produce cold coffee ...

Address:  15/6 Vardanants str., Center, Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 57 72 77

"KFC" Fast Food Center

"KFC" (Kentucky Fried Chicken) - one of the world`s most popular quick-service networks, offering a variety of chicken dishes. "KFC" presents three restaurants in ...

Address:  40/3 Mashtots ave., Yerevan, Armenia
Phone:  (+374-10) 53 99 48, (+374-10) 53 99 45