“Verona” karaoke club

“Verona” complex was founded in 2005. 2-story building has combined 8 cinema halls, karaoke club, restaurant, cafe-bar and open-air cafe. Four large ...

Address:  38 Abovyan str., Yerevan., RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 58 62 58, (+374-10) 51 66 00

"M.K" Karaoke

"M.K" karaoke-club kindly welcomes those, who want to spend their time in pleasant atmosphere with their friends, or want to celebrate any event or just want to have fun ...

Address:  20/2 str. Sayat-Nova, Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 560757

"Delise" Karaoke

Newly opened karaoke club "Delise" invites everyone who loves to sing, dance, have fun, or just spend pleasant time with friends. High quality of sound, friendly and ...

Address:  15a Amiryan str., Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-77) 48 40 47

"Mozart" Karaoke

Now you can enjoy your leisure time in "Mozart" karaoke-club that is located near the ropeway. Taking into account the name of the club, one can say that parties held in ...

Address:  1/3 Charents str., Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 556434