"Mina De Oro" Jewelry Store

"Mina De Oro" has begun its history since 2007. Despite of its young age, the company has become a bright, fast-growing jewellery enterprise. The unique distinction of ...

Address:  31 Tumanyan str., Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 50 03 07

"Chronograph" Watch & Jewelry Boutique

The goal of the company is to gain absolute fame, represent goods of high quality as well as to gain our customers valuation from the high quality customer service ...

Address:  5 Building, Hyusisain Ave., Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 500400

"Inori" Stainless Steel Jewelry Store

This story began in 1992, when Eric Amsalem made his way to Japan to found his own jewelry business. but it wasn’t until 3 years after that his dream began to come ...

Address:  1-1 Hyusisayin ave., Downtown, Yerevan, RA
Phone:  (+374-10) 500311