“ELC” Toy shop

The British toy brand “ELC” is in Yerevan since 2011. The toys represented in the shop have various characteristic features for stimulating babies’ mind. First of all, they are safe in their design, are made from natural raw materials and they pass testing before arriving to the store. With the help of parents and children, the high qualified specialists test the broken toys beforehand to make sure that they are not dangerous for a child.


“ELC” provide with quite a wide choice. Here the toys are displayed without boxes and the child can find whatever he needs or likes. At shop, children freely touch and examine the chosen toy. It is not an end in itself, as the activities of “ELC” are not limited with sales only: the given complete freedom is to promote the child's self-orientation, decision-making process and taste formation.


The toys are categorized by age groups. Baby rattles and teethers are for babies aging 0-3 months. Toys to develop hearing, sense of rhythm, memory and intellectual abilities are for one year old babies. It is noteworthy to mention about musical instruments. The colorful piano has a separate chair, speakers and a capability of recording. There is a special paper shoes especially for those kids, who always face problems in wearing the right shoe on the right foot. This toy will also help the child to learn how to tie his shoelaces.


Swimming section offers a special and wide range of swimming toys – swimming aids and swim rings, air bubbles emissive device, armbands, etc. A pad for a doll, pictures meant for the examination via 3D glasses, cups that filter the water and other extraordinary items are considered the exclusive offers of the shop.


“ELC” has a tradition of planning festive events dedicated to the children and they are held both during the holidays and ordinary days. This enterprise is a real gift for children, since the store area becomes a large and rich playground, where children play together, run, take pictures and choose the toy they has liked the most.


The shop also has a virtual club known as “Big Birthday club” and the children of the member-parents get a surprise-letter on their birthday with a 20% discount card. They can purchase with this discount card from “ELC” within 3 days, as well as the jubilee receives a congratulatory postcard and small gift from the shop.


Once entering “ELC”, the child will always remember the address of this little kingdom. The company offering a wide range of patchy, various and multifunctional toys is the children’s best friend since its opening, and is proud to carry the honorable “title” of the exclusive specialized shop for funny and developing toys for children.


Toy’s shop


• various toys for children of 0-16 age

• gardening toys

• outdoor games

• books

• pencils

• cars

• puzzles

• glues

• dolls

• artificial caoutchouc swimming pools


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• The specialized consultant-sellers provide with high qualified services. They help to choose the right toy for your baby corresponding to its age and preferences.

• A thorough study precedes the sale of a toy. Here the specialists consider even the risks that the kid will put the broken toy into his mouth.

• “ELC” shop has a collection toys with blunt angles.

• The shop has a cultural department. The visitors of this section are inquisitive and knowledgeable children. “Spell and learn” toy is a book with colorful pictures that teaches the correct writing and pronunciation of animal names

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51, 53 Hanrapetutyan str., Yerevan, RA (the 3rd floor of “Mothercare” store)

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Monday – Sunday 11am–9pm