“Mayoral” store

Spanish “Mayoral” is a world known brand for more than 70 years. Since 2009, it is also available for the local consumer. “Mayoral” offers clothes for 0-16 age children. Here the customer can find high-quality, stylish and comfortable clothing classified as “small”, “young” and “teenage”.


The girls' clothing, accessories, shoes and dolls’ collections are showcased at the first hall. The next hall is for boys. The store also has “the fashionable color” collections inspired with Spanish “Mayoral” designers, who, constantly seeking innovations in the fashion, offer unique fabrics, colors, exclusive clothing designs.


Footwear for girls and boys are of different colors and styles, made from natural leather and don’t make the feet perspired, as well as don’t cause allergic manifestations and unpleasant emotions. The consultants of the store will help you about the shoe size, color and style.


Before showcasing the product range at “Mayoral”, it undergoes thorough study for suggesting the consumer perfect and high quality clothes, footwear, accessories and dolls. Here everything is taken into consideration for making your shopping the most pleasant and useful. While the parents will choose for clothes or shoes, children can paint around the table. Wistful, humble, naughty-faced dolls will become an expected gift for each child. Customers facing difficulties in choosing a gift are offered gift cards equivalent to 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 thousand AMD.


    Children’s store


    • clothes for girls and boys

    • footwear for girls and boys

    • swimming suits for girls and boys

    • socks for girls and boys

    • underwear

    • bags for pregnant women

    • dolls

    • wallets

    • belts

    • hats


    • The whole collection of the store is comfortable, made from cotton and doesn’t cause allergic manifestations.

    • While You’re choosing what to buy, Your kid can paint with the stationery items provided by “Mayoral” store.

    • The bought item can be changed with another product within three days

Payment type

    Cash and credit cards

Contacts 1


(+374-10) 54 67 09


51, 53 Hanrapetutyan str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Business hours Monday-Sunday 11am -9pm

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