“Tava” tavern

A very unique and fascinating tavern opened its doors in Tumanyan and Abovyan central streets’ intersection in April, 2013.  All those who are fond of tasty meals, prefer old Armenian traditional and homemade dishes as well as eastern cuisine (especially Arabic one) will have wonderful time here.

The name of this cozy tavern already suggests that here food is mainly served in “tava” (pan) (for instance, barbecue pan, ghavurma pan, egg frying pan, tjvjik pan, etc).


The experienced staff of this tavern will surprise you with appetizing kebab and wide variety of barbecue prepared on the bases of ancient Armenian recipes. Here you can also taste luscious khashlama, kufta made according to Kharberd receipe, which will be served with soft matsun (yougurt).  Edesia kufta is worth mentioning here for right the taste, that our grandparents have tried for more than an decade ago.


Even if you do not comply with this much, you can try brain and tongue tjvjik prepared in a unique style, chicken wings’ flavored barbecue or cheese qebab, that was served for the very first time in “Tava” tavern. One time visit here definitely will not be enough for you to try permanently available and fresh, twenty or thirty kinds of hot dishes.

This tavern also offers a wide choice of marvelous Arabic cuisine: tabbouleh, mutable, hummus and falafel salads will take you to the magical atmosphere of the East.

“Tava” tavern, which opened its doors to customers for nearly six months ago, stands out not only for its appetizing cuisine, but also for the specific and thematic furniture.

Its whole interior is decorated in ancient Armenian style, while the ambient is filled with the sounds of Armenian folk music. Moreover, walls’ ornaments with various large and small pans open appetite for delicious time, whereas images and color themes’ solutions complete the stylish elegancy.


This tavern has diverse area separation: two beautifully furnished rooms for friendly and collective dinners, a large central hall for small events and birthday celebration, and a partly open air hall for having nice time around beer atmosphere with friends.  


Furthermore, this center will soon surprise you with another interesting innovation: fresh salads bar, where you can reserve a table with your desired meal in advance.

Here you will be also served for free some dishes and beverages from diverse range of menu, in order to get acquainted with the unique taste and flavor of dishes. 


Visit “Tava” with your families, friends or collegues and make your stay here delicious and memorable.




Armenian, Eastern (Arabic)

Ideal for

This center is ideal for family and friendly gatherings, birthday ceremonies and various other parties.


This tavern offers a great variety of delicious dishes, barbecues, kebabs, as well as many other hot meals.



“Tava” also has delivery services.

Payment type

Cash and credit cards




(+374-10) 584343


(+374-55) 584343


23 Nalbandyna str., Yerevan, RA

Business hours:

Every day, 12 am- 11pm