“Transaero” Airlines

The exclusive representation of  Russian “Transaero” Airlines opened in Yerevan in June of 2012. The company operates flights in a number of directions through more than 95 Boeing 747, 777, 767, 737, Tu-214 and Airbus airplanes. The planes undergo a scheduled maintenance check-up guaranteeing the safeness of the flight and landing. The customers can purchase five classes of tickets from the company: imperial, business, premium, economy and tourist.

“Transaero” Airlines is the only venue in Armenia, where the consumers can obtain imperial class air tickets. “Transaero's” Imperial class is created for those who can appreciate elegance and luxury, and value the exclusive nature of the services they receive. In the spacious Imperial cabin, passengers will find themselves in an unparalleled surrounding created especially for this project. The seats in the cabin easily transform into a comfortable bed, the customers can make orders from “Pushkin cafe” menu and are supplied with the services of a personal manager. The passengers are given “BVLGARI” branding travel kits and bed-clothes and are served with free transportation from and to the airport.


Tourist class tickets are relatively more affordable and suitable for those who prefer regular travelling.


The company has gained the trust of those who prefer travelling through air, and the number of permanent passengers constantly grows. This tendency has motivated the personnel to introduce the “Transaero Privilege” program. The clients must register to get the “Privilege Card”. Every time a ticket is purchased, bonuses are accumulated, which can be later used to receive an air ticket free of charge.


The company offers an exclusive flight “Yerevan-Moscow-Los Angeles”, accommodated for those travelling to US and aimed at saving the latter’s precious time. The passengers have to wait 1h 15 min instead of previous 5-10 hours.


The experienced personnel of the company and high skilled pilots attend job specification classes for the purpose of maintaining and upgrading their skills. Thanks to the provision of high class services corresponding to aviation’s best practices and international standards, the company was acknowledged by an international expert group and assessed by the highest rankings for a number of times. All the efforts are exerted by the professional staff of “Transaero” Airlines to make tiresome and long-lasting flights more enjoyable and exciting.




Purchase of air tickets, air transfers

Air tickets

“Transaero” Airlines offers five classes of tickets: imperial, business, premium, tourist and economy


The tickets can be changed in both offices of the company and refunded in case of emergency

Current discount

 The tickets for children at the age of 2-12 can be purchased at 50% discount.

• The company has a flexible discount system for the employees of Russian companies in Armenia


• The tickets offered by “Transaero” Airlines are relatively affordable.

• Before the flight “Yerevan-Moscow-Los Angeles” starts, the passengers check-in the baggage in Zvartnots International Airport and receive it in the airport in Los Angeles, and vice versa.

• The children under two years can travel free of charge.

• The company’s personnel attend job specification classes at the teaching center of “Transaero”. All the employees receive certificates from the Russian company.

• “Transaero” Airlines is the only venue in Armenia, where the consumers can obtain imperial class air tickets.


All the aircrafts of the company have an access to WiFi Internet connection

Payment type



Head office


(+374-60) 488080

(+374-60) 400303


54 Mashtots ave., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours:

Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

“Zvartnots” International Airport office


(+374-60) 373030


“Zvartnots” International Airport, Yerevan, RA

Business hours:

The office opens three hours before the registration starts and closes one hour after the flight is finished