“AR-TOUR-RENT” car rental

Still young, but already highly respected "AR-TOUR-RENT" car rental company has been operating in Armenia since 2008.  We offer you a set of high quality and affordable service in the sphere of vehicle rental. The staff of AR-TOUR-RENT will explain you the rules, dive a number of useful advice and help you to make a right choice just in a few minutes.


All cars are available within the territory of RA, Nagorno Kharabagh and Georgia.


Don’t hesitate- turn to us immediately if your car is damaged or you just want to take advantage of comfortable and fast vehicle. 


Are you a fan of exceptional and unique cars? Don’t worry- modern and fashionable look of old cars will make you feel special during any important event. 


Professional service, ready-to-use cars anytime and in any condition; this is our slogan.


    Car rental


    • car rental
    • car provision for various tours  within RA and Nagorno Kharabagh
    • arrival and departure organizing
    • air tickets’ sale
    • provision of skilled driver
    • provision of navigation system
    • recervation of hotels and apartments

Special offer

    AR-TOUR-RENT company offers you popular and favorite as well as newly organized and fresh variants of tours in Armenia and Nagoro Kharabagh.



(+374-10) 56 63 59


(+374-91) 21 29 20

(+374-94) 38 38 90

(+374-55) 05 25 68


(+374-10) 56 63 59




10/6 Pushkin str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm

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