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“Aries Catering Service” was founded in 1996. “Catering” is translated from English as outgoing food service. This kind of initiative could be characterized as a crazy and imprudent step during the critical period of Armenia in 1990s. However, today, nearly 20-year history of the company shows that the decision was right on time.


“Aries Catering Service” carries out its services throughout Armenia. It organizes events of any kind and scale, at the specified address of the customer, no matter whether it is a wedding event next to some historic monument or a ceremony in an exotic area, such as in an underground salt mine hall with the depths of 236 meters. Experts of ACS create festive or business atmosphere even in impassable areas. Moreover, each event is organized with some kind of unique solutions: floral and music compositions and various other nuances.  


Your most cherished dreams associated with the long-awaited day will be realized here.  The company employs highly trained specialists who have the experience of creating a fabulous corner, even in the most “extreme” conditions. The customer only needs to answer “what, where and when” questions, whereas the excellent result is guaranteed.


Each event is planned and organized solely with individual approach and unique solutions. The list of services offered by the company (corporate fourchettes, outdoor wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, lunch/dinner and coffee breaks, banquets) has lately been supplemented by a business world important service - conference organization. “Aries Catering Service” holds all the necessary functions in this field: ranging from hall rental up to the service.


All those who apply to “Aries Catering Service”, get rid of all the problems related to the organization of the planned event. It should be noted that among company’s list of patrons dominate the names of officials, ambassadors and international organizations.


History of the foundation and rapid development of the company proves that “Aries Catering Service” has always been a few steps ahead of its time. This company continues to surprise its customers with outstanding, new ideas and remains the leading company of this sphere.


    Outgoing food service


    ● corporative fourchettes
    ● open air wedding ceremonies
    ● wedding fourchettes
    ● lunch breaks
    ● coffee breaks
    ● dinners/suppers
    ● conferences


    ● various salads
    ● hot and cold dishes
    ● alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, soft drink, etc.


    You can trust any event organization to “Aries Catering Service”. This company takes care of each problem and offers advantageous combination of beauty and quality.

Current discount

    Regular customers have surprising discounts here.

Payment type

    Cash and transfer



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43 Gyulbekyan str., Yerevan, RA (179 office)

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Business hours

Friday-Saturday, 9.00am-6pm (office)

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