“Armenian American Wellness Center”

In 1997, Armenian American Mammography University Center was established with the joint efforts of the American benefactress as well as the president and chief executive officer of Armenian American Cultural Association Rita Balian and the RA National Assembly Deputy of that period Hranush Hakobyan. Later on, in 2002, it was reconstructed to "Armenian American Wellness Center: Foundation (AAWC) and has a Satellite Clinic in the town of Gavar.


The Wellness Center now provides services in the following departments:  



Radiology (X-ray and ultrasound examination)

170.345 breast screening programs have been carried out since the opening date of this center. Breast cancer has been diagnosed in more than 7,085 visitors, and due to surveys the number of survivors is not small - about 4000 women. However, 766 men have also been screened in this clinic up to now, and 30 cancer cases were detected.


One of our cherished dreams to have a digital mammography is no longer a dream. Due to the hard efforts of our founder and benefactress Mrs. Rita Baleian huge step was made in the RA health care field. And now AAWC has ideal conditions for accurate diagnosis and the best services.



170.345 breast screenings have been carried out since the Center’s inception. Breast cancer has been diagnosed in more than 7,085 visitors, and due to annual checking, the number of survivors isn’t small, - about 4,000 women.


More than 30,000 women are being screened annually at AAWC, and during its 16 years of activity 298,934 screenings have been conducted. This center serves 100-120 patients daily.



Urology department started its operation in AAWC in September 10, 2011 and 497 visitors have already passed urological screening.



In May 12, 2013, Armenian American Wellness Center carried out the first operation, marking the opening of its surgery department, the demand of which was put forward by the visitors. This department is highly equipped with all modern technologies and executes small operations connected with breast, bladder, uterus and ovar. During its short period of operation already 42 surgical procedures have been conducted.


Dental Clinic

AAWC opened also Dental Clinic in May, 2013, which is equipped with 2 German dental chairs and modern dental equipment. Today all the visitors of this dental clinic, including children and pregnant women, can get any type of dental care and smile broadly. The most important pledge of our guarantee is the absolute sterility of the instruments. Thanks to our high quality professionals we ensure high class services, and already 47 patients visited this Dental Clinic in May.   



 Equipped with cutting edge technologies and medicine.

 More than 30,000 women are being screened annually at AAWC, and during its 16 years of  activity 298,934 researches have been conducted. This center serves 100-120 patients per day.


Medical Outreach Missions 

Center specialists have also conducted 250 medical outreach missions throughout Armenia   providing over 17,000 free-of-charge screening services to 15,303 patients.


Conference Hall

The conference hall of Armenian American Wellness Center opened its doors on the 5th floor of the building in January 18, 2013.  Technically well-equipped conference hall can hold 250 seats for conferences, seminars, forums, and the availability of simultaneous interpretation equipment will facilitate the communication and participation of foreign guests.


Moreover, the whole profit gained from renting this hall is invested in the examination of women from low income families, whereas this program has always been realized by the own means of the center.  


    Medical Center 


    ● X-ray and ultrasound examination

    ● Gynecology

    ● Urology

    ● Family Medicine

    ● Bone Densitometry and Osteoporosis Screening

    ● Surgery

    ● Laboratory



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