"Avanta" Dental Clinic

"Avanta" means “toward” and precisely reflects the orientation of our medical center – toward only the most advanced and innovative medical technologies.

The main purpose of “Avanta” clinic’s foundation in 2002 was the development and promotion of modern technologies in the field of dentistry in the Republic of Armenia.

Over the years, advanced clinical center of dentistry renamed to “Avanta” Dental and Implantology Center in 2004.  This clinic has presented healthy and spontaneous smile to many thousands of citizens and visitors of our country.

Our center is  equipped with the most modern German dental equipment and digital diagnostic technology, which serve as the evidence for quality standards.

Today, at our clinic patients can get any dental care in full volume, ranging from detailed multidisciplinary diagnosis and planning of all stages to treatments conducted with hygienists, physicians, orthopedic surgeons, orthodontists, implantation and dental technicians.

The main focus of our work is on dental implantation.  We use all types and methods, from simple to complex, wide selection of implant systems, and the use of the latest 3D technology - all this is our daily work.

However, our greatest achievement is dedicated doctors’ team, who unceasingly and tirelessly work to reach the desired result - easy smile and satisfied visitors.

Our doctors periodically participate in numerous international dental symposia and conferences. The mere listing of these courses will take more than one page. You can get acquainted with the mentioned certificates, diplomas and honors by visiting our clinic.

Another important factor is the ability of finding a common "language" with the patient, both in the literal and figurative sense. Our staff speaks 6 languages. Nowadays, “Avanta” serves the employees of foreign embassies and various international organizations.

Since its foundation to the present day, we have been organizing conferences, seminars and workshops on various topics involving our friends and colleagues from abroad.

Love and devotion to profession, endless desire to develop, aspiration to maximize the aesthetic and functional results when working with visitors, willingness to share knowledge and skills with colleagues – perhaps these all shortly and precisely characterize “Avanta” clinic and us. Yes, we are like this.

Therefore, if you like our approach to business, come to us and we'll be friends.

Head of our clinic is Professor Karen L. Grigoryan - the President of the Armenian Association of Implantologists, PhD. He is the author of the introduction of dental implants into clinical practice, has more than 15 patents for inventions in the field of implantation and prosthodontics and more than 40 scientific papers, 17-year of experience in implantation. He is a member of the European Association of Osseointegration, and a number of other professional associations.




Orthodontics (for all ages)

 - Occlusion correction (Different systems of braces)
- Invisible orthodontics - Invisalign 
- Teeth correction in case of  periodontitis 
-  Rational orthodontic preparation for prosthetics 


- Teeth Bleaching 
- Caries treatment
- Treatment of complicated caries
- Restoration of teeth defects with inlays 
- Esthetic restoration 
- Composite veneers 


- Prosthetics on implants 
- Non-metallic prosthetics ceramics on a basis of zirconium oxide “Procera
- Ceramic veneers 
- Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges 
- Removable plastic dentures 
- “Cerec” Technology -NEW


- All kinds of implantation of all complexity 
- Wide range of dental implant systems (Nobel BIOCARE, etc.) 
- Cosmetic and reconstructive periodontal surgery 
- Teeth extraction 
- Outpatient surgery in full spectrum


- Integrated approach to treatment of  periodontal disease

Hygiene and preventive maintenance

- Hygienic processing of the oral cavity 
- Caries prevention 
- Program for pregnant women 


- Digital orthopantomography 
- Radiovisiography 
- Electro- odontometry

Slogan: Beauty is our profession

“Avanta” dental clinic


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Monday-Friday, 10:00-19:00 Saturday,11:00-15:00

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