“Bella” Jewelry Salon

“Bella” Jewelry Salon offers a variety of exclusive bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hair jewelry, statuettes made of noble metals and other jewelry items. Since 2004 the jewelry salon has been exuded among other salons for its collection of crosses, watches and souvenirs. In “Bella”, Jewelry Salon one can make a choice from an amazing combination of price, quality and service.


One can order gold and silver jewelry in the salon as well. While making an order, customers can make a choice from the jewelry catalogue, consult with the designers or draw on a piece of sheet “the jewelry he/she has dreamt about”. In any case, all your expectations will be met in “Bella” jewelry salon.

    Jewelry Salon
    • statuettes and souvenirs from semi-precious stones
    • jewelry tools
    • souvenirs from precious stones
    • souvenirs from obsidian
    • gold jewelry, items
    • silver jewelry, items
    • precious stones
    • stones
    • necklaces
    • earrings
    • perfume for women and men
    • jewelry making: custom-designed
    • engraving on gold
    • engraving on shells

Store “Bella”


(+374) 312 5 58 58

Other phone:

(+374) 93 00 02 32


(+374) 93 33 00 70


(+374) 5 28 28


9/9a Sayat-Nova str., Gyumri, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Mon-Sun (10:00-19:00)

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