"Chilingaryan Design and Construction" Company

‘’Chilingaryan Design and Construction” company cares about its clients by providing them with high-quality construction design and maximum security standards. The company offers solutions, which optimize the use of its clients’ resources and guarantee long-term competitiveness and success.


The company meets all the clients’ requirements and expectations by ensuring high-quality work, introducing innovative methods and meeting deadlines. The main goal of the company is satisfy the requirements and expectations of every client.


Constructing new buildings and remodeling existing accommodation for its clients, ‘’Chilingaryan Design and Construction” company emphasizes concept, suitability and comfort. The company realized the construction of restaurants, car galleries, projects of residency, multifunctional buildings and interior design.

    Construction Company
    Building construction, large-scale renovation and improvements, apartment, house renovation and improvements, architectural design, interior/exterior design
    "Chilingaryan Design and Construction" company works with materials, which are reliable and provide safety and comfort. The company also uses natural materials as primary architectural elements.
    • General contracting
    • Architectural design and main building construction
    • Renovation
    • Interior design
    • Project management and consulting
    • Real estate development projects and investment banking
    • Property management



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2-nd floor, 8 Paronyan str., Yerevan, RA

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