“Creative photo” photo kiosk

"Creative photo" photo kiosk is the only in its type in Armenia, located in "Moscow" cinema. It functions on a special program, without human factor influence. The visitor of the kiosk can chose on the touch screen the photo type he wants - creative photo (black and white), fun photo or passport photo.


Future "hero" of the photo can see and assess his image reflection on the screen. As soon as "GO" button is pushed, the camera takes six photos with one second intervals.


Final result - your photo appears in a printed form just in 40-45 seconds and comes out from the device located on the bottom of the touch screen.


The photo can be printed on the background chosen by the visitor as desired. There is a "Step guide" attached to the wall of kiosk which outlines all the necessary steps for getting the photo. Here you can also find phone numbers of the service staff. You may call them in case of any problems.


Each operation is simplified as much as possible for your convenience and valuable time saving. The latter automatically eliminates the challenges when dealing with this latest technology.


    Photo kiosk


    • Creative photo (black and white)
    • Fun photo
    • Passport photo


    • innovation in Armenia
    • creative fun for the young
    • instant receiving of passport photo 

    Step 1 

     Choоse your preferred option:

     • Creative photo (black and white)
     • Fun photo
     • Passport photo  

    Step 2   Insert the money, afterwards, in 4
     seconds the camera will take six
     continuous photos with one second
     intervals (look at the camera after
     inserting the money)
    Step 3   Photo printing (45 seconds)
Payment type

    Payment terminal (6 photos – 1000 dram)



(+374-77) 124222

(+374-77) 885539


18 Abovyan str., (“Moscow” cinema), Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 10am-12pm

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