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“Doktechnik” LLC is the exclusive representative of “Mercury” trade mark of Russian “Incotex” company in Armenia. Since its foundation in 2007, “Doktechnik” has been providing its customers with upscale services and a variety of high quality equipment. All the efforts are exerted to meet the customers’ expectations, track the latest trends and remain a leading actor in the field. The latter is achieved through the combination of affordable prices with high class service quality.


“Doktechnik” LLC offers three categories of services: sale and supply of electronic cash registers, and sale of commercial and banking equipment. The company is the exclusive representative of electronic cash registers distinguished for their diversity and uniqueness. Along with the presented assortment of electronic cash registers (“Mercury-130F”, “Mercury-180F”, “Merkury-180F GSM”, “Merkury-150 Pos Terminal, "Меркурий-119", “Merkury-120F” Taxometer), the company provides its consumers with a range of other products.


The latest constitutional and tax amendments undertaken in 2013 generated a growing demand for completely new generation of electronic cash registers. “Doktechnik” offers its customers to derive benefits from the legal aspect of the amendments by replacing the old electronic registers with the newest ones. Moreover, the company provides the customers with upscale warranty services.


The specialists of “Doktechnik” are specialized in installing “GSM” modem. The latter operates with the tax inspectorate server through GPRS system. Through the receipts the modem informs on whether the information sent to the inspectorate was received or not.

The company imports and retails electronic scales, bar code scanners and cash money drawers, as well.


Those enterprises, which are interested in the acquisition of banking equipment, can make a choice from the presented range of banknote detectors, banknote counters and cash money drawers. All the banking and commercial equipment is granted a one and a half year warranty period.


“Doktechnik” offers electronic scales, based on VA and battery consumption power, whose application is quite simple with weighing limits of 15-150kg. The company prides itself on the electronic scales equipped with nickel plated steel platform, high sensitivity and weighing capacity of 150kg. The latter is mostly exploited in water areas, e.g. in fishery.


The company may import scales with weighing limit of 500kg upon individual orders. All the scales presented by “Doktechnik” are equipped with two displays and fixed memory of more than 1000 goods.


Electronic cash registers and all the equipment are monitored during a “probation” period before they are sent for sale. All the imported products are thoroughly tested and checked on functioning by the company’s experienced specialists.


At present “Doktechnik” supplies more than 5000 enterprises along with currency exchange locations. Among the customers of the company one can find names of large enterprises, including hotel complexes, supermarkets, medical centers, comparatively small stores and other private organizations. The clients’ business success and the company’s activities are fully and directly connected. The most significant achievement for the company is its customer’s trust gained through high quality services, staff’s devotion and arduous work.

    • electronic cash registers and taximeters
    • electronic scales
    • cash drawers
    • bar code scanners, banknote detectors and counters
    Electronic scales and electronic cash registers are installed and repaired by the professional staff of “Doktechnik” LLC
Special offer
    The company offers its customers the best option of saving money by replacing old electronic registers with the recent ones.
    The latest trends and equipment are thoroughly observed and imported by “Doktechnik” LLC; the latter being an exclusive provider and representative of “GSM” modem in Armenia
    The old electronic cash registers are replaced by the latest models in “Doktechnik”.
    The specialists of the company install “GMS” modem, which operates with the tax inspectorate server through GPRS system.
    The company prides itself on the electronic scales equipped with nickel plated steel platform, high sensitivity and weighing capacity of 150kg
Current discount
    if the customers purchase multiple electronic cash registers or other products simultaneously, various discounts are available
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(+374) 52 59 93

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(+374) 10 56 67 81


(+374) 91 00 09 25


26/14 Movses Khorenatsi str., Yerevan, RA

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Mon-Sat (10:00-18:00)

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