“HASU” modern dental clinic

This upscale designed for those who want to get an efficient and high-quality treatment, which includes the latest achievements of modern dental equipment and materials.


“HASU” dental clinic is equipped with fully automatic cycle of sterilization for the absolute guarantee of your safety. Dental devices are also unique here. Their assemblage was performed specially for this clinic selecting the latest options and facilities.


This clinic employs only highly skilled professionals, and you can trust your dental health to them without any doubts. It offers personal approach to each patient, the highest quality of services - based on the cutting edge technologies, high - class of service, painless treatments, as well as a full range of dental services, including prevention (prophylaxis).


However, qualitative treatment is possible only with a coordinated treatment plan.  Thus, the professional staff of “HASU” will demonstrate your treatment plan and open your individual tooth - passport through its special software.


Interior design, lovely atmosphere, combined with the work of highly skilled professionals will make your visit to this clinic unforgettable.


    Dental clinic


    ● implantology
    ● aesthetic stomatology
    ● endodontology
    ● surgery
    ● implantation
    ● periodontology
    ● hygiene
    ● orthodontic treatments
    ● prevention


    ● 7 degrees of protection from infection
    ● exclusive dental equipment with the latest features
    ● full range of dental services, including preventive dentistry


    Free parking lot

Payment type

    Cash, transfer, in credit



(+374-10) 55 86 98

(+374-10) 55 97 25




1st floor, 29/189 Rostom str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Saturday, 9am-10pm (registration in advance is preferable)

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