“Legara” cargo forwarding and transportation company


“Legara”- the first cargo transporting company throughout Armenia, was founded more than 10 years ago, April, 2003. Due to our high-quality work we have gained the trust of our customers, and can offer you cargo forwarding, transportation and a number of other services.


Car arsenal of “Legara” is rather reach –“Gazel” (with up 2 tons hold capacity), “Gaz-53” (with up to 4 tons hold capacity), “Zil” (with up to 8 tons hold capacity) and “Kamaz” (with up to 15 tons hold capacity) trunks.


“Legara” will courteously put its working staff at your disposal, and your work will be realized with great attention and  readiness.


This  company carries on activities not only in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, but also from the RA to Nagorno Karabakh and Georgia, as well as vice versa.


"Legara" offers its clients not only cargo carrying trucks, but also provides with comfortable buses and microbuses for tour organization and rental services.


At present our transportation company is pleased to offer you new “Nissan Urvan”, “Mercedes” microbuses with 14-17 seats, “Nissan Sivilian” and “Hyundai” with 21-25 seats, as well as “Yotong” high class buses holding 32-50 seats and obtained in 2012.


All the above mentioned cars are superior with their comfort, security and beauty. It's just a pleasure to visit  each corner of Armenia by such cars and not to get bored even for a long-lasting journeys.


The whole assortment of vehicles is new, insured and is in an excellent technical condition, whereas each seat has its own conditioner.


“Legara” employs reliable and skilled drivers, who have work experience of more than 10 years. Due to their skillful and prudent characteristics you will not have any trouble on your way.


This  transportation company mainly stands out for its qualified service. Our telephone operators help the customer to make a good choice of the car while making an order and show polite and courteous approach to each client.


Your road security and freight transportation are not only your but our responsibily as well. 


    Cargo forwarding and transportation company


    • bus and microbus rental
    • driver provision
    • cargo transportation
    • carrier provisopn


    • “Gazel” (standard and long)

    • ”Ford”

    • "Gaz-53”
    • ”Zil”

    • ”Kamaz”

    • ”Nissan Urvan”

    • ”Mercedes”

    • ”Nissan Sivilian”

    • ”Hyundai”

    • ”Yotong”


    “Legara” freight forwarding company offers safe transportation from Armenia to Nagorno Karabakh, Georgia and reverse directions. The company provides individual approach to each client ensuring consulatation and the right choice of car

Payment type

    Cash and bank transfer

Cargo forwarding services


(+374-10) 56 04 40

(+374-10) 39 04 40




13/5 G. Hasratyan str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Transportation services


(+374-10) 31 91 33



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