“Light Style” clothing store

The store’s slogan “New style, new way of thinking” always helps to be modern. Operating since March 10, 2010 “Light Style” has 3 halls for women, men and children.


The store represents worldwide “Setre”, “Sabra”, “Gattoi” brands.  In spacious and comfortable halls each customer can get acquainted with detailed qualitative features of the products.


 Women’s salon has 2 halls. One holds a wide variety of classic and evening dresses, and the other one-casual clothes. This division is made to facilitate the purchase and save the customer’s time. Women's hall also represents a wide range of bags, shoes, and accessories.


Here the purchase process is not only pleasant but also beneficial: the high quality and elegant women’s blouses are sold at the original price of the supplying company-7500 AMD.


“Baby Poyraz”, “Vite”, “Moonstar”, “Alpenino” and many other brands are represented in the children’s hall of “Light Style”. It offers coats, jackets, trousers, blouses, dresses and bedding accessories for 0-12 age children. The whole collection of clothes and lingerie is made of cotton, therefore it’s safe and non allergic.


Men’s spacious hall is located in the basement of “Light Style”, which is separated from women’s hall by 3-sided stairs. Casual and classic-style clothes have a distinct division here.


The store offers its wide collection of high quality and elegant costumes, blouses and ties for man. Shoes of "Light Style" are made from natural leather and does not cause inconveniences of unpleasant smell and sweating. There are fitting rooms in each halls of the salon.


“Light Style” has a special corner for men’s accessories. The wide range of stainless and water resistant cufflinks is especially notable here.


The whole collection of “Light Style” is updated regularly. It always surprises its clients with great discounts and special offers.


    • women and men clothing

    • children clothing

    • accessories

    • belts and shoes

    • women and men hats

    • bags

    • underwear

    • lingerie for children

    • tights

    • toys, etc. 


    Those who have “Light Style” discount cards, always get information on the new collection, current sales or discounts. The information is provided by sms, e-mails or www.facebook.com/ls.lightstyle social website


    • The store has a safe and convenient elevator.

    • Here you can “purchase” for all your family members. “Light Style” represents clothes for women, men and children.

    • Each brand represented in the store has its own catalog, with the help of which you can get acquainted with the arriving new collection.

    • This salon gives its customers opportunity to exchange or return purchased product.  

Payment type

    Cash, credit card or bank transfer

Store “Light Style”


(+374) 10 58 29 99


(+374) 94 00 01 31


(+374) 10 582999




67/1 Hanrapetutyan str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:



Business hours

Mon-Sun (10:00-20:00)

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