“Linum e chi linum” Children’s Cafe

In June 1, 2007, children were given a great gift with the “shape” of “Linum e chi linum” children's cafe. It's like a children’s planet and the residents are fairy tales and cartoon characters, colorful balloons and the kind old man with his adventurous book “Linum e chi linum”.


When entering the cafe, children feel themselves in fairyland, where they can find various amusements, a large playground, XD (10D) Movie Theater, clowns and a magician. “Linum e chi linum” cafe makes kids’ birthday parties and other events memorable, due to all these entertaining features.


The children's center has developed a gala event show program for its little friends. The program starts from birthday celebration and continues till the end of the day.  The showman organizes games, quizzes, round dances for all the participants of the party. The DJ of the center provides with joyful and musical mood for the whole day. Sometimes the special guests of the events are dancing groups of the Latin and break-Dance styles.


When the birthday cake time comes, it is put in the center of the hall and "the hero of the day" is invited to the platform: the cake is cut under the festive atmosphere of music and firework.


Here children meet with a wolf, a rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Spider Man and other fairy tale characters that appear like a childish colorful dream and offer to take photos or play and sometimes forge various puzzles. The children, who give the most correct answers and are active in the dance floor, get a sweet necklace made of caramel.


After making the payment, the child gets a special mark on his hand, meaning that the kid can freely enter the playground, where he can play ball, run, skate, climb to the “roof” of the playground under the control of nannies.


The kitchen of “Linum e chi linum” is also like a vivid tale from childhood; little “wise men”, who have already visited the cafe, know about it, as they have found dishes with the names of “Winnie the Pooh”, “Qaj Nazar”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Batmen” in the menu.


Here you also can order various pizzas, salads, hamburgers, Georgian, “imeritakan khachapuri”, fresh juices and non-alcoholic cocktails. Adults accompanying the children are taken care as well. “Linum e chi linum” has a wide range of alcoholic drinks and cocktails for them.


To service the children more effectively, “Linum e chi linum” has combined the big comfortable two-storeyed halls, confectionery factory and shop, an outdoor cafe, "bistro" under one roof. All these serve for the one important goal – to perpetuate the most significant moments of childhood and, of course, to make the usual day in the life of a child an unusual one with full of miracles and impressions.


    Children’s cafe


    Armenian, Georgian, European cuisine 

Ideal for

    Each of the two-storeyed halls of “Linum e chi linum” is ideal for children’s celebrations, birthday parties and other event planning


    • fairy tale characters and festive dress rent

    • balloon decoration, festive table decoration

    • the jubilee picture on the balloon

    • fireworks

    • free show program with lighting effects

    • champagne and chocolate fountain (fondue)

    • aqua make-up – painting on the body

    • video and photo shooting

Special offer

    “Linum e chi linum” offers all its guests free birthday cakes baked in its own confectionery factory. Parents can choose a fruit cake or a cake with the photo of a fairy tale character or the jubilee picture, and the cake will be baked according to the guests’ number


    • The cafe’s XD (10D) Movie Theatre is an exclusive one in Yerevan. The hall that has 8 seats and offers 50 various movies, is meant both for children and adults. Each movie lasts 3-15 minutes. Effects are snow, wind, water, smoke, odor, fire, rain, thunder, climbing animals, colorful bubbles.

    • The exclusive show program is free.

    • Here each visitor can write about his impressions in the guest book of the cafe. This tradition is an important stimulus for keeping the services provided by “Linum e chi linum” on the high level.

    • Nannies of the cafe are responsible for the children’s security


    “Linum e chi linum” has delivery services in Yerevan. If the order cost is up to 2000 AMD, the delivery is 300 AMD. Free delivery on orders exceeding 2000 AMD

Payment type

    Cash and credit card



(+374-10) 724499

(+374-10) 734499

(+374-10) 711500


24a Andranik st., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday – Sunday, 10am-11pm

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