“Lotus” aerobic breathing and yoga center

Unprecedented offer in Armenia - only at "LOTUS" center you have a brilliant opportunity to get slim and recover competently. Exclusive course of yoga therapy during which you will daily burn 1700-3500 kcal and will slim down minimum 30 cm without any diets within 3 weeks. Along with all these, you will also correct your body, get rid of tophus and calm your nerves.  The whole procedures are organized by individual programs.



Calming nerves, body correction, weight loss, getting rid of tophuses and fats, exercises on respiratory system and muscles, regulation of menstrual cycle and solution of various other health problems. You can make use of all these services at “Lotus” aerobic breathing and yoga center since 2006.


Trusted professionals will take care of your health here. Each visitor will relax and get the harmony of body and soul at “Lotus” aerobic breathing and yoga center. This center is equipped with the best modern training and recreation systems.


Yoga, BodyFlex, Pilates, Qigong, Tibetan rites help to tighten the muscles and get rid of extra pounds in a very short period of time.  You can calm your nerves, improve body’s metabolism, cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as boost significantly the immunity through the services offered here. The skillful specialists of “Lotus” pay special attention to the prevention exercises aimed at spine strengthening.


This center holds classes in small groups - each one includes12 persons. The experienced specialists of “Lotus” guarantee - no one will leave the center displeased. The courses usually last for 3 weeks -18 visits. These classes relieve symptoms of insomnia and fatigue, amplify biofield and protection from external factors. They greatly improve blood circulation as well as capillary, venous and brain nutrition.


You can also get free consultancy about healthy diet by visiting “Lotus” aerobic breathing and yoga center.

    Aerobic breathing and yoga center

    ● improvement of blood circulation, venous and brain nutrition
    ● exercises for women, regulation of menstrual cycle and pain
    ● control of joint, back, head and blood pressure pains
    ● calming of the nerves, amplification of biofield, etc
    ● slimming down minimum 30 cm or 2-8 kg without any diets


    ● free consultancy before registration
    ● individual program for every visitor

Payment type

    Cash and transfer



(+374-10) 61 61 99


(+374-99) 80 44 99

(+374-93) 80 40 08




31 Moskovyan str. (near the monument of M. Saryan), Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday- Saturday, 8:30 am- 8:30 pm

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