“MaLi” beauty salon

“MaLi” men and women beauty salon was founded in 2011. It offers various services of hairdressing, manicure, make-up and massage. The beauty salon uses high quality products and supplies of Italian company “GK”. “MaLi” is the only official representative of the mentioned company in Armenia.


The beauty salon provides with hair styling, haircut, natural and artificial hair growth and hair drying services. The services list of “MaLi” also includes hair straightening with “The Best” substance. It is of a natural origin, restores hair, has no odor and the result is obvious within 4-6 months.


“MaLi” offers VIP, treating and anti-cellulite messages. This salon is also notable for the diverse variety of make-ups: party, evening, casual, wedding, etc. Only the products from “Christina”, “Algotherm”, “Restylane”, “Disport” (Диспорт) and other professional companies are used here.


This beauty salon uses the manicures of American “O.P.I”, “ORLY” and other brands which retain the shine and color for relatively long time.


The salon of cosmetology carries out various procedures: wrinkle equalizing, lip augmentation, peeling, age spot removal, tattoo of eyebrows and lips, treatment of problematic skin, etc. Before each service customers receive free consultancy by cosmetologist, and, as a result, individual course is prepared for the treatment of each customer.


    Beauty salon


    • cosmetology
    • make-up
    • hairstyling
    • manicure
    • pedicure
    • message, etc.


    The visitors can choose their hairstyle from the webpage of “MaLi” beauty salon on Facebook.

Current discount

    Constant customers have various discounts here.

Payment type

    Cash and credit cards



(+374-10) 547495




21 Koryun str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 9:30am-20:00pm

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