“Manana” training center

“Manana” training center was founded in 2001. Here people of all ages can specialize in jewelry, silvery, hairdressing, cosmetology, epilation, nursing, therapeutic and classic massages, decoration of cakes and in other fields.


Students pass an interview during the entrance exam. Theoretical study of the material is combined with practical tasks that are performed in the special laboratories of this educational center. The latter also organizes industrial practice upon the student’s request.


The duration of mastering the art of cosmetology lasts four months. The courses are held five times a week, for two hours. The monthly payment is 35.000 AMD. Future cosmetologists get acquainted with the secrets of anatomical structure, types and care of skin, as well as with various masks, body treatment techniques, facial hygiene, therapeutic massage and electrotherapy.


Nail growth, structure and care, hand and foot massage, manicure, pedicure-students will master these mentioned skills involved in manicure courses by attending the classes thrice a week, for two hours. The monthly cost is 30.000 AMD.


This center also has hairdresser-stylist courses. The duration of the latter is 4 months- six times a week, for 3-4 hours. Monthly cost is 30.000 AMD. You may choose the other option of the same course. In this case the students will attend classes thrice a week, for 2 hours and pay 12.000 AMD monthly.


The duration of classic and treatment massage is 6 months: thrice a week, for 2-3 hours and monthly cost is 30.000 AMD. Here students learn the techniques of tension relaxing massages for muscles and nervous system, as well as the performance of neck, head, upper and lower limbs’ massages with flowers and rollers.


All those who want to deal with the art of delicious preparing can also apply to “Manana” center. Here the students master the preparation and design of Armenian, Georgian, European and Mexican dishes. The terms of this course are the following: duration 4 moths, classes-thrice a week, for 2-3 hours, monthly cost 20.000 AMD,

Vocational training method is widely used at this center and it contributes to the enhancement of knowledge.


“Manana” training center holds group and individual courses with a tighter schedule. Graduates receive certificates, which give them possibility to continue their future career at governmental, non-governmental and international institutions. This center helps its graduates with getting appropriate job.


This educational center has prepared many professionals for more than a decade. The highly qualified instructors of the center have had a great contribution to this. The staff paves way for each student’s career by transferring its own skills and knowledge to them


    Training center


    • cookery
    • fourchette
    • pastry making
    • artistic design of cakes
    • florist designer
    • hairdresser-stylist
    • cosmetology and epilation
    • decorative make-up
    • manicure
    • classic and treatment massage
    • nursing
    • sewing, modeling and design, etc.

Current discount

    “Manana” training center constantly has various discounts.


    • The center supports its students in getting appropriate job.
    • The professional tools used during practice is provides by the center.

Payment type

    Cash, credit cards and bank transfers



(+374-10) 283140


(+374-93) 899956




49/2 (9th floor) Komitas str., Yerevan, Armenia

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Saturday, 9am-6pm

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