“Metro” Pub

The exciting interior design of the pub, the walls decorated with photos of rock musicians, newspaper articles, underground map, and mat-bags, make the atmosphere of the pub relaxed and home-like. Since its opening, December 30, 2010, the pub has been welcoming fans of retro music. “Metro” maintains its unbroken principles aimed at making its visitors' leisure exciting, quiet and secure. The visitors can attend the pub accompanied by friends, couples and alone with a membership card. The latter is granted to those, who regularly attend the pub either with couples or with friends. Nevertheless, the admission to the pub is free of charge for females even without a partner.


The bar of the pub is outstanding, indeed. Professional bartenders will offer the visitors whiskey, rum, tequila, liquor, wine, beer and a big assortment of cocktails. The guests can order cocktails on their own recipe, whose price will not exceed AMD1.500. Permanent visitors can order “Rum Cola”, “Brain Tumor”, “Beton” and “Whiskey Cola” for AMD1.000.


The cuisine of “Metro” pub is mostly composed of fast food dishes. Cheeseburgers and French potatoes are made from fresh and natural ingredients devoid of any admixtures. Due to upscale service, warm and easygoing atmosphere, time passes almost instantaneously. The hall is accommodated with a large TV screen for sports game fans. During football and other tournament broadcasts, “Metro” pub is replete with various enthusiasts.


Electro, blues rock, jazz rock, Brit rock and Brit pop music, performed in “Metro” pub from 7 pm, creates a perfect atmosphere for leisure. Special events and theme parties are constantly held in the pub making every day a holiday.

Special offer
    the pub offers a rich assortment of drinks and cocktails. There is a “special” section in the menu, where cocktails previously ordered for AMD2.500-3.000 are now offered for AMD1.000. Fresh and most delicious burgers can be ordered starting from AMD1.200
    Both drinks and meals are affordable in “Metro” pub.
    The pub is equipped with a large screen for sports game broadcasts
    Rock, indie, blues, pop, Brit pop, Brit rock and electro music is played in the pub
    • face control
    • with couples or with a membership card
    No sportswear
Payment type
    Cash and credit card



(+374-99) 28 34 24


24 Ghazar Parpeci, Yerevan, RA

Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 7pm-3am

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