“Moskvichka” supermarket

“The best and the most qualitative products ever”-since 2008 this slogan has been companying the consumers, who prefer to get the best “catch” for a short time during the shopping. Here all the bad associations with hassle disappear, as the shopping with “Moshkvichka” becomes enjoyable.


“Moskvichka” supermarket chains present an exclusive range of high quality products and fresh food in Armenia imported from European countries: “Efferve” French sparkling lemonades, “Tago” Polish sweets, “Starbrook” Belgian chocolates, “Aksam” Polish salty sticks, “Tymbark” Polish juices, “Kalfany” German bonbons,  “Capri-Sonne” “Capri-Sonne” Ukrainian children juices, “Schwartau” German jams, confitures, “Ghraoui” Syrian chocolates, “Renova” Portuguese paper supplies, “Lotte” Korean drinks,  “Малаховский” meat products, “Сваля ” dairy from Russia, “LaBeyrie”  foie gra from France, “LEVONI” meat products from Italy, etc. The whole assortment is replenished with the products of “FOOD LIDER” international organization - “Eser ve” soft drinks, “Tago” sweets, “Star Gluk” chocolates, “Aksam” salty sticks , “Timbark” juices.


Тhe branch of this supermarket on North Avenue was opened in 2010, according to the strong demand for it. It is equipped with the modern facilities and represents the unique and elegant interior of Italian designers.


Each branch of “Moskvichka” offers a delicious range of bakery and confectionery products. The wide assortment of canned and fresh fish, pure dairy, high quality meat products, colorful childish toys, household goods make this supermarket “a small town”, a walk through which is pleasant and beneficial for every buyer.


“Moskvichka” also presents bread of its own production- dietetic, Russian, French, etc.  Gourmets can buy original salads and hot dishes prepared at the factory of this supermarket.


Here the visitors also have a chance of great selection for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages: French, Italian and Armenian wines, brandies, etc.


Moskvichka” regularly holds informative special offers. The customers can get acquainted with the new products and their features not only through the information but also through their tasting.




    • bakery
    • pasta
    • diary
    • meat products
    • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, etc.


    Supermarket's supplier provides not only with the information on new products but also with the tasting of the latter.

Current discount

    5% discount for “Moskvichka Royal” card holders.

Payment type

    Cash and credit cards


    24-hour and free delivery throughout Yerevan.


    Free parking lot

North Avenue


(+374 10) 50 50 50


(+374 99) 02 00 50


3/85 North Avenue, Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours


Sayat-Nova str.


(+374 10) 54 88 01


19/1 Sayat-Nova str., Yerevan, RA

Saryan str.


(+374 10) 58 83 30


12/3 Saryan str., Yerevan, RA

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