“Mothercare” store

“Mothercare” store is the official representative of the famous British brand “mothercare”.  It started its activities in 2006 with the already founded "Prime Liga Market". The latter has always been an official importer of the worldwide brands. The company that is mainly engaged in the retail trade has “Mothercare” chain store in Yerevan. Mothers and their babies are offered a wide range of clothing, children's shoes, carriages, furniture, accessories, soothers and cosmetics.


Shopping at “MotherCare” is easy and pleasant. There is no need to ask someone and waste time when searching the thing you want to buy. “Feeding”, “Sleeping”, “Clothing”, “Bathing”, “Traveling” – these classifications will help the consumers to orientate quickly.  The collection of clothes for babies and pregnant women are from cotton, therefore they are safe and non allergic.


Every product here has a unique “slogan”; ex., the new collection of clothes has green paper on it saying “I’m a new arrival”. Care products and baby accessories are of special importance among the regularly renewed products. It is noteworthy to mention about “Sock ons” socks for little naughty babies that will help to prevent the babies’ hobby – to take the socks off.  “Sock ons” are cotton socks that have openings on heel and foot. The baby can wear this sock on top of the other sock that will be tight on baby’s feet and won’t let him become barefooted.


Soft bricks are classified as one of the exclusive items of the store. These toys are designed for the development of the baby’s sensory, hearing, sight and mental skills.


“MotherCare” store is not only good for shopping; the customers can also get free consultation. By subscribing to the club “Mothercare Baby & Me Club”, the future mothers get useful information on how to be prepared to go to hospital and what they should necessarily include in “hospital bag”. The members of “Mothercare Baby & Me Club” are also provided by the articles on “I'm already born”, “I already comprehend”, “I'm already walking”, “I'm already a grown up”. These articles help to understand the newborn’s “language” more accurately.  


“Mothercare” with its wide range of collection and necessary professional consultation is ready to become your best friend during your pregnancy and maternity. 

    Children’s store

    • clothes for maternity

    • lingerie for maternity

    • clothes for boys and girls

    • lingerie for boys and girls

    • footwear for boys and girls

    • bags for babies

    • umbrellas

    • tableware (cups, spoons, plates)

    • toys, photo frames

    • artificial, caoutchouc swimming pools

    • envelops

    • baby’s socks, hats, mitts

    • children's and women's hygiene accessories

    • bump supports for preventing of pregnancy and postpartum complications

    • pain reliever pads

    • furniture

    • cot beds, mattresses, carriages

    • soothers,  feeding bottles

    • thermometers

    • safety accessories (safety film for table’s sharp corners, socket covers, etc) 


    Become a member of “Mothercare Baby & Me Club” by filling the registration form and take the advantages of the store – get regular information, exclusive offers, opportunity to participate in different actions or receive updated information about the products and services. The information will be provided via sms, email or through your Facebook page.


    “Mothercare” store offers information sheet with the title “Prepare Your hospital bag”. There you can find the list of the all necessary items for You and Your baby. 


    • “Healthy pregnancy and safe childhood” – this is the slogan of “Mothercare” store. Here the customer is offered only natural and high quality care, hygienic accessories and clothes.

    • Professional consultants of the store show individual approach to each consumer. They regularly participate in professional trainings or study the materials sent from the Great Britain “Mothercare”.

    • Soother-thermometer or oral thermometer obtained from “Mothercare” will help you to forget about the difficulties concerning the measurement of baby’s temperature.

    • The specialized consultants of the store can measure the breast or belly of the future mothers for giving more accurate information about pregnancy terms and, therefore, suggesting the right size bras and clothes

Payment type

    Cash and credit cards

Shop (Hanrapetutyan St.)


(+374) 10 54 67 05

Other phone:

(+374) 12 30 33 03


51, 53 Hanrapetutyan str., Yerevan, RA

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Business hours

Mon-Sun (11:00-21:00)

Shop (Marshal Baghramyan Ave.)


(+374-10) 27 67 03

Other phone:

(+374) 12 30 33 03


53 Marshal Baghramyan ave., Yerevan, RA

Business hours

Mon-Sun (10:00-21:00)

Shop (Azatutyan Ave.)


(+374) 12 303 303

Other phone:

(+374) 11 78 03 26


Azatutyan Ave., 27/3 Building, 2nd Floor, Yerevan, RA

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(+374) 12 30 33 03

Other phone:

(+374) 11 80 10 77


(+374) 11 80 10 88


Azatutyan Ave., 27/3 Building, 3rd Floor, Yerevan, RA

Business hours

Mon-Fri (10:00-19:00)

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