“Pioneer” Brazilian Restaurant

If you dream about exploring Brazil for a couple of hours, but you lack the necessary means, you can visit “Pioneer” Brazilian restaurant situated in Yerevan. Everything here reminds of the country of carnivals. “Pioneer” restaurant is a unique venue in Armenia, where the visitors are offered a menu composed solely of Brazilian traditional dishes.


The meals served in the restaurant are made from fresh, ecologically friendly ingredients. The cooks of the restaurant are demanding and consistent in their efforts. Thanks to a sound set of cooking skills, the visitors can taste typical Brazilian food. Gourmets of exotic dishes can respond to the challenging statement “eat as much as you can”. By paying only AMD 10.000, the visitors can enjoy the assortment of sparkling juice and mineral water, taste “Churrasco-Rodizio”, a prominent feature in the Brazilian cuisine, made from a big assortment of grilled meat.


The serving manner of “Churrasco” is exceptional; the people serving the latter are called “churrascos”. The waiters move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto the client's plate. The visitors don't have to mind about which language they have to respond. Every visitor is given a two-color tablet. The green side is marked with “Yes, please” and the red side with “No, thanks”. If you are ready to continue, you need to put the tablet on the table with the green side-“Yes, please” up, while if you wish to have a break you need to put it on the red side-meaning “No, thanks”.


Among the most exclusive dishes, the visitors can taste “Grilled Pineapple” (“Abacaxi grelhado”), “Chicken Hearts” (”Coracaos de frango”) and “Brazilian Cheese Bread” (“Pao de queijo”) paired with French, Italian, Argentinean, Chinese, Chilean and Armenian wine. The payment for beverages is done separately.


“Pioneer” offers a big assortment of most delicious salads, presented in a “Salade buffe” bar. You can taste limitless amount of salads and enjoy new flavors for only AMD 4.000.


Thanks to upscale air conditioning, smoking is not prohibited in the restaurant. The cigarette odor is instantaneously removed from the hall leaving the non-smokers undisturbed with the smoke.


The warmth of reception, interwoven with comfortable furnishings and live music, creates a perfect atmosphere for entertainment and leisure. The restaurant is exceptional in its design and can be referred to “Little Brazil in Yerevan”, where a combination of price, quality and service is offered to the visitors. 

    Brazilian cuisine
Ideal for
    Ideal for banquets, stand-up parties, business meetings, corporate events, entertainment, family occasions and other events in one's friends' company
Special offer
    “Pioneer” Brazilian restaurant offers dishes made in “Churrasco-Rodizio” cooking technique; young pork meat (leirtao), pork fillet (file de Porco), pork ribs (costelinha suina), lamb thigh (coxa de carneiro), rump steak with cheese (alcatra com queijo), spiced meat of ox hump (cupim do brasil)
    By paying only AMD10.000, one can order limitless amount of food. Marinated grilled pineapple is a prominent feature of cuisine both for natives and foreigners
    On daytime soft and sweet music is played in the restaurant. From 7pm Latin-American, Spanish music and jazz is live performed in the hall
    No sportswear
Current discount
    Discounts are available on daytime
    Secure outdoor parking
Payment type



(+374-60) 50 04 32


2 Baghramyan ave., Yerevan, RA

Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 12pm - 12am

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