Pizza Hut

In 1958, Frank and Dan Carney had an idea for a great local pizza restaurant in Wichita Kansas. When a friend suggested opening a pizza parlor, they agreed that the idea could prove successful, and they borrowed $600 from their mother to start a business with partner John Bender.   


A year later, in 1959, Pizza Hut was incorporated in Kansas, and Dick Hassur opened the first franchise unit in Topeka, Kansas. Fifteen years later, we opened the first UK restaurant and since then the pizzeria has become the biggest Pizza Company on the planet! 


 A subsidiary of PepsiCo, Inc., the company oversees more than 11,000 pizza restaurants and delivery outlets in 90 countries worldwide.

Ideal for
    Pizza hut is ideal for having fast food
Special offer
    Pizza Hut offers pasta, desert, pizza, main dishes, starters, salads.



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