“Poplavok” Cafe

“Aragast” cafe, best known as “Poplavok”, won in the nomination of “Best Open Air Cafe” during the second National Interactive Awards. Since its foundation in 1996, “Poplavok” has become a favorite venue both for residents and guests of the capital.


The outdoor section of the café, located very close to a pool with fountains, attracts visitors who either wish to escape from the summer heat or enjoy one of the picturesque sites of Yerevan. The pool, situated next to the cafe, is the favorite place for the café's little visitors. While the parents are enjoying themselves, the children may navigate in a boat at their parent's sight.


Notes of jazz music fill the atmosphere starting from 9 pm every evening. Furthermore, the visitors can enjoy the music performed by singer Forsh. The menu, composed of dishes from Eastern and Western cuisines, is outstanding, indeed. The café offers Italian, Spanish, French and other nation's meals. The specialty is trout made on a special recipe and is famous among the visitor's of the cafe. The dish called “mushroom Poplavok” is prepared by a special cooking technique; water mushroom is baked with cheddar cheese in an oven. The cooks of the cafe are high class professionals with 10 years of work experience.


The visitors can order gin, rum, whiskey, wine, vermouth, tequila, brandy, beer, liquor, etc. Along with traditional drinks, the guests can enjoy cocktails made by artistic and creative bartenders imbued with various flavors that will undoubtedly please every visitor. Orders upon individual recipes for alcoholic drinks and dishes can also be made in the cafe. Cigar lovers will be surprised by the rich assortment. Those, who will have difficulties in making a choice, will be advised by a cigar-consultant. The variety of tea is outstanding, as well. One can order from a big assortment of Japanese, British and French tea.


Corporate, banquet and stand-up parties, as well as business meetings can be held in “Poplavok”. The unearthly atmosphere here reminds of a distant navigation filled with magical notes of music. People who have at least once attended the cafe return longing to experience the same feelings and overcrowd the venue at any time of the day and the year.

Ideal for
    “Poplavok” cafe is a perfect venue to hide away from the summer stuffy heat. The cafe has two comfortable halls; indoor and outdoor
    While the parents will be enjoying the delicious dishes and exclusive drinks of the cafe, the children may navigate in safe and comfortable inflatable boats.
    The cafe prides itself on exclusive “Dom Perignon” champagne produced in 2003 by Moët & Chandon champagne company
    9pm-12am jazz music is performed in the cafe, from 12am till the last visitor leaves, instrumental music is played and the stage is featured with singer Forsh’s performance of live music
    • face control
    • no sportswear
    The cafe is equipped with a secure outdoor parking
Payment type
    Cash and credit card



(+374-10) 52 23 03


41 Isahakyan str., Yerevan, RA

Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 9 am till the last visitor leaves

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