"Samsung Electronics" Electronic Store

More, then 70 years company "Samsung" tries to make the world better and perfect dealing with various spheres: producing semiconductor materials and digital devices. The company is a world recognized leader in producing of electronics and digital devices on the base of the most modern technologies.


Innovational attitude toward the reliable products and services, employers’ attitude, the responsibility over the society, constant companionship with the partners and the consumers of the goods help the company to develop the world in the absolutely new directions.

    Electronics & Home Appliances
    • аudio and video technics
    • cash machines
    • music center
    • digital cameras
    • washing machines
    • computers
    • mobile phones
    • TV-sets
    • monitors
    • refrigerators
    • micro ovens
    • video cameras
    • video recorders
    • printers
    • vacuum cleaners
    • air conditioners, etc



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(+374-10) 537251




15 Mashtots ave., Yerevan, RA

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