“Samurai” Sushi Bar

Japanese cuisine has an ancient history and is famous for its traditions and prominent features. A characteristic of traditional Japanese food is that it is made from fresh ingredients with minimal thermal processing. This and other prominent features of Japanese cuisine are strictly maintained in “Samurai” sushi bar, which was founded in Yerevan on April 14, 2006. Number one sushi bar of the capital was designed taking into consideration diverse Japanese culture and traditions. Every item of the decor symbolizes something; the walls are covered in pictures of samurais, the ceiling is marked with a massage in Japanese translated as “Happiness, luck and a most perfect state of a human being’s mind -peace”.


Sushi is made from dried, processed and fried sheets of nori (seaweed) making the latter easily digestible and healthy. All the dishes served in the bar are nutritious, nourishing on the one hand, fresh and low-calorie on the other hand. The ingredients for Japanese dishes are imported from Moscow, thrice a week. The assortment of fish (eel, tuna, salmon, octopus) are transported still alive stored in ice. Exquisite Japanese food is prepared by high class Philippine and Armenian cooks.


Here the visitors can watch how their ordered food is being prepared. Orders on individual recipes are also taken in the bar. The menu composed of Japanese desserts, salads, hot dishes, and a big assortment of soups, is constantly updated.


There is also a variety of drinks served here. One can enjoy both traditional Armenian and Japanese drinks; among them asahi, choya.  “Samurai” is a perfect venue for lovers of Japanese cuisine and for those who prefer organizing original birthday parties. Invitation cards in the form of fans, Japanese sayings and traditional games-quizzes for birthday guests will make the event unforgettable.


“Samurai” sushi bar is a unique place in Armenia where the visitors can watch the traditional Japanese tea ceremony performance. The entrance and the ceiling of the room are very low, seeming quite uncomfortable and superfluous from the first glance. Nevertheless, the latter has its significance; all the visitors bow while entering through a narrow and a low door, irrespective of one's social status. The ceremony indicates quiet or sober refinement devoid of any discussions on material values and everyday problems.


During the tea ceremony matcha (green) tea is served, which can be enjoyed only in “Samurai” sushi bar. The bar is equipped in its best to make one's leisure impressive and meaningful.

    Sushi bar
    Japanese cuisine
Ideal for
    “Samurai” sushi bar is a perfect venue for stand-up parties, banquets, corporate events, and occasions in the circle of friends and family members
Special offer
    Along with traditional Japanese dishes, the visitors can order barbeque made from chicken, pork, and beef paired with Japanese teriyaki, teppanyaki and other sauces
    Ginger is served before the next sea dish is brought to maintain one’s taste acuity.
    The visitors can participate in the typical Japanese tea ceremony performance.
    “Samurai” sushi bar is a unique venue in Armenia, where the visitors can enjoy Japanese matcha tea.
    The bar is filled with notes of soft music. Japanese national music is played during tea ceremony
    No sportswear
    Delivery is made by “Samurai” sushi bar. All the orders are delivered in 30-35 minutes at any address. The delivery charge is AMD300
Payment type
    Cash and credit card



(+374-10) 58 56 70


2 Baghramyan ave., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 12pm-12am

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