“Shah” Restaurant

Since 2003, “Shah” restaurant has been offering both the citizens and the guests of Yerevan an opportunity to experience the best of traditional Iranian and European cultures. The interior design is outstanding. The dominating color is green. The cracks of the walls are decorated with paintings and hookahs. The latter are the specialties of the restaurant. A wide range of hookahs (around 30) is presented here with fruit, milk and other flavors, and baccy imbued with brandy imported from Iran.


The restaurant menu is in Armenian, Russian, English and Persian. The assortment of dishes is made from fresh and ecologically friendly ingredients. All the products are purchased from local food producers and suppliers, except for rice, which is imported exclusively from Iran. The chief cook of the restaurant, who is invited from Iran, is ready to make dishes upon the visitors’ recipes. The specialty drink is the tea brewed from 16 species of Persian black tea and served in big or small glasses.


The visitors can make a choice from the rich assortment of alcoholic beverages presented in the bar of “Shah” restaurant- wine, liquor, whiskey, brandy, vodka and a variety of cocktails. Tunes of soft International and Persian music are played in the hall.


The restaurant chain operates with two branches and offers a rich menu of pizzas, salads, soups, fresh juice, hamburgers and alcoholic drinks. One of them is located in 19/6 Koryun Street and is distinguished from the other branch (34/1 Mashtots Avenue) for its cozy and fairy hall and a bigger range of services. The hall in the basement is exuded for its unusual design; the ceiling is decorated with plants and grape vines, the ornamental fountains are installed in the walls and in the center of the hall, the wooden chairs and tables are carved in the form of cart wheels. The overall design of the restaurant is carried out in the best traditions of viniculture.


The restaurant service becomes more efficient and relatively fast, thanks to the food elevator. It helps to interconnect the two floors with one another.


The soft notes of music interwoven with fragments of nature produce a pleasing atmosphere best suited for leisure and relaxation. In order not to disturb the harmony in the restaurant, the smokers are asked to go upstairs. 


The hall has an access to the Internet and is equipped with a notebook. The restaurant hall in the basement is accommodated for birthday celebrations, romantic dates and events organized in the circle of friends.


The overall design and the atmosphere in “Shah” restaurants serve as a bridge for the visitors to transform into the magic Oriental world. Sense of time and emotional problems seem to disappear, and the visitors get overwhelmed with an exhilarating feeling of transcendence, thanks to the ruling atmosphere of natural harmony and Oriental wisdom.




    Persian, European

Ideal for

    “Shah” restaurant is a perfect venue for stand-up parties, banquets, corporate events, and celebrations in the circle of friends and family

Special offer

    The specialty of the restaurant is “Shah” dish. The dish is for three people and contains an assortment of three salads, French potatoes, Persian rice, beef mince, French breaded cutlet paired with yellow cheese and mushrooms


    • The visitors can enjoy a mixture brewed from 16 species of Persian black tea in the main branch restaurant (address: 34/1 Mashtots)

    • The restaurant hall is equipped with large LCD screen broadcasting football and other sports events.

    • There is no separate service charge included in the payment in the main branch located in 19/6 Koryun Street.

    • The clients can make reservations in “Shah” restaurants in advance by phone


    The restaurant has a delivery service


    There is an access to WiFi Internet

Payment type


Contacts 1


(+374-10) 53 16 73


(+374-10) 50 02 07




34/1 Mashtots ave., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 10am-12am


(+374-10) 54 66 64

(+374-10) 54 66 65




19/6 Koryun str., Yerevan, RA (in front of Citadel business center)

Business hours

Monday-Friday, 8:30 am- 10:30pm, Saturday-Sunday, 9am-10pm

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