“Shen Textile” store

European high quality curtains, accessories, cornices, bedding and bath sets, and carpets can be purchased in “Shen Textile” store. Since 2007 “Shen Textile” has been importing a variety of high class goods from Italy, Spain, Germany and other European countries.


The slogan of “Shen Textile” is to import exclusively unique and high quality textiles, curtain accessories, cornices, bedding and bath sets, carpets and home textiles, and other goods.  This slogan brought “Shen Textile” a success.


Being certified as an exclusive representative of many European brands both in Armenia and in the whole region, “Shen Textile” store, in the shortest terms, introduced to the consumers the most recent and exclusive goods, new quality, new style and earned its incomparable and indispensable place in the market.


The store represents a variety of goods produced by such high class brands as are Atlanta, BicRicami, Zambaiti Group, Yebane, Textil Antilo, Fuggerhaus, Linder, Gemini Padana, Numa Textil, Export Pablos, Cintas y Pasamaneria, Rilox, Gifer, MHZ, Interstil, Kremp.


There is a specialized sewing workshop operating in “Shen Textile”, where you can order and receive the “embodiment of your imagination”.  There is a special corner in the store where an exclusive collection from Swarowsky crystals can be purchased.

    • curtains with their accessories
    • cornice
    • bed and bath accessories
    • carpets etc

    • Atlanta
    • BicRicami
    • Zambaiti Group
    • Yebane
    • Textil Antilo
    • Fuggerhaus
    • Linder
    • Gemini Padana
    • Numa Textil
    • Export Pablos
    • Cintas y Pasamaneria
    • Rilox
    • Gifer
    • MHZ
    • Interstil
    • Kremp



(+374) 10 77 05 00


(+374) 91 64 44 44




41 Arshakunyats ave., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Mon-Sat (10:00-19:00), Sun (11:00-17:00)

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