"Sigmalab" Diagnostic Center

“Sigmalab” diagnostic center was founded in 2009. Although still young, the center has already acquired trust with a great number of its clients.


A number of studies are being made in the center by means of internationally recognized facilities and methods. The accuracy of the latter is ensured by job performance of the high class experts in the center.


“Sigmalab” diagnostic center is equipped with the latest and finest facilities. All the sanitary-hygienic norms are strictly preserved.

    Diagnostic Center
    • General diagnostics of blood by leicoformula
    • General diagnostics of urine
    • Mycroscopic diagnostics of vernix
    • Spermogram
    • Biochemic diagnostics of blood
    • Hydro-electrolyte exchange, exchange of ferrum and Acrid infarct diagnosis
    • Determination of hormone metabolism in the body
    • Determination of infection by the method of ELIZA, as well as by polymerase chain reaction
    • Identification of tumor markers
    • Inoculation of different biomaterials: urine, feces, blood, semen, etc.



(+374-10) 729566


(+374-10) 729566




2A Zoravar Andranik District, Yerevan, RA

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