“Space” entertainment center

Though “Space” entertainment center opened its fairytale doors in August 17, 2013, it has already become one of the best entertainment centers of Yerevan with its warm welcoming atmosphere.


This adventurous place is at your disposal with its half-seperated halls- “Gold Hall”, “Silver Hall", Celebrations’ Hall and Dance floor, while the latters are accompanied by  children's fairy labirynth and playing room on the ground floor.


The delight venue offers free DJ and entertainer’s services, interesting shows and games corresponding to jubilee’s age group and  also invites hip-hop dance groups, if desired. Your child will be highly interested in “Orange Elephant” services,  labyrinth, attractions and aquagrim. Moreover, the jubilees have special gift- cards for these services here.


“Space” leisure center is unique in the fact that here you  may organize any event having a real celebration. The professional staff  will decorate the halls according to your choice and preferences  ( starting from tooth parties, birthday events and baptizing till even engagement).

You can enjoy delicious meals at this entertainment center in the daytime also  for business lunches, whereas our carefull nannies, clowns asnd childrens’   favorite fairy tale and cartoon characters will take care of your kids .


It’s worth mentioning, that during celebration even adults will not get bored. Parents will gradually get involved in playing atmosphere and compete with other participants. The  purpose of this entertainment center is to cater all age groups and satisfy each customer’s needs.


Furthemore,  this leisure center has restaurant menu, and its cuisine puts a special emphasis on local fresh food; the wide variety of pizzas are Italian and you can also taste “Space” firm salad.  The minimum order starts from 2500 AMD here. The whole area and particularly playing rooms are controlled by cameras, thus, parents can watch their children’s safe play.



Organize your rest and entertainment at this marvelous venue, which holds up to 150 seats and have fantastic moments in your memories.  


    Entertainment center


    Armenian, European 

Ideal for

    The three modern halls of “Space” are ideal for birthday ceremonies, baptisms, tooth parties as well as various other events.    

    • childish fourchettes
    • balloon decoration
    • clowns
    • fairytale heroes
    • DJ
    • entertainer
    • karaoke
    • aquagrim-  skin art
    • kids’ lunch
    • business lunch
    • Orange elephant 
Special offer
    • Free DJ
    • Free entertainer
    • Show program
    • labyrinth
    • playroom
    • free clown during big parties 



(+374-10) 226644


(+374-96) 226644


30 Komitas ave., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Sunday, 10am-10pm

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