"Spitak Tnak" Construction Company

"Spitak Tnak" Co. Ltd is a construction company that was founded in January 2001. "Spitak Tnak" Co. Ltd provides its customers with the following services: construction, reconstruction, architectural and renovation works.


The company has licenses for the construction activity granted by the Ministry of Urban Development of RA. "Spitak Tnak" Co. Ltd is a member of RA Union of Builders.


The working personnel of the company consist of experienced and qualified specialists. The construction of elitist two-storied apartments in Vahagn district (nearby Yerevan) brought a great  fame to "Spitak Tnak" Ltd.


"Spitak Tnak" Ltd performs construction of multi-storey buildings, completes of unfinished multi-storey buildings and capital repairing.


"Spitak Tnak" is the only construction company that was awarded international Quality Crown Award – B.I.D for their efficiency and competitiveness in construction activities and use of construction materials.

    Construction Company
    • Exterior design of offices
    • Interior design of residential premises, offices painting and decorating
    • Repair and construction work, renovation
    • Repair services: facades
    • Tiling services
    • Capital and monolithic construction of buildings, stadiums
    • Flooring services: stones
    • Installation of building frames, heating systems, hot water-supply systems, suspended ceilings
    • Major repairs: buildings



(+374-10) 239181

(+374-10) 239182


(+374-10) 231969




56 Mamikonyants str., Yerevan, RA

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