Sports Complex of Russian - Armenian (Slavonic) University

One of the best sports complexes of the city welcomes you near the entrance of Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.  Here you can not only recuperate and spend your leisure time, but also really enjoy the environment and escape the monotony of everyday life.


RAU Sports Complex has modern furniture and equipment, as well as the best technical solutions.  This center holds two large, comfortable and multi –use grounds which are suitable for football, volleyball, basketball and tennis.

The first outdoor sports field is located on the roof of the building, which has a great view over the city. Fans supporting their favorite teams can enjoy games on comfortable benches, from which eye will not miss a single detail, whereas sport will become a real pleasure.


Moreover, the second court is also flexible and is applicable for various sports. Match fans will be deeply impressed by the wonderful scene opening from their benches here. Nevertheless, this space is notable for its pleasant surprise –playground surface, which is the only one of its kind in Armenia.  Specially invited experts from Austria, who used superior Austrian materials, got perfect soft playground (with amortization system) through the joint formula of a 5-level flooring and special sponge.  You will immediately feel the difference of game impressions while playing on this ground.


All lovers of Aikido Eastern sport can attend its classes here. However, RAU Sports Complex also holds table tennis courses.

Four spacious lockers and shower rooms are furnished according to the latest and most comfortable standards. This complex gives great importance to disciplinary and cleanliness.

Women and men are provided with separate gym halls here. Men’s sports salon is equipped with special appliances of strength training workouts, whereas women can also enjoy shaping, aerobics and breathing exercises at their salon. Professional coaches will help you to achieve healthy, beautiful and, most importantly, correct results.


    Sports complex


    ● aerobics, bodybuilding, shaping, breathing exercises, fitness and training courses with sports ● special equipment
    ● football
    ● basketball
    ● tennis
    ● table tennis
    ● volleyball
    ● aikido



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