“Stop” club

“Stop” club is an exclusive entertainment center where one can divert from everyday concerns and enjoy oneself to the full. Every visitor is welcomed with warmth here.


Performers of jazz, rock, blues, soul, country, chanson and other genres play their music in the club. Throughout its existence the club has transformed into an art hub. Exhibition of Armenian artists and photographers are often held in the club, along with biographical movies about celebrated representatives of different branches of art.


Games like “Mafia”, “Matrimony”, and “What, where, when” are held in the club in the evenings. Meals from Armenian and other nation’s cuisines are served in the club making the time spent here more enjoyable. There is face control at the club. Lovers of live music, arts and intellectual rest are welcome to the club.

    Мusic club



(+374-10) 56 07 80




37 Moskovyan str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


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