“UNI STAFF” Company

The company’s slogan “We plan, you enjoy!” was met a number of times through the events organized by “UNI STAFF” yielding excellent results.  A unique approach to every event involving expert design through all aspects and application is a characteristic of the company while planning wedding celebrations, concerts, promo events, exhibitions, birthday parties, Christening, and opening ceremonies.


“UNI STAFF” offers a complete package of services organizing celebrations, corporate parties and Show biz events. The company cooperates with the leading specialists to assure the upscale course of planned events. All the celebrations are organized taking into consideration the client's preferences and expectations.


Upon special orders, “UNI STAFF” may become engaged in planning of outstanding show biz events with various celebrities involved. While planning celebrations, unparalleled attention is paid to details and a unique approach is given to each event utilizing the latest and most creative tools. The client's even most unexpected and daring ideas will be accomplished relieving the latter from unnecessary concerns and anxiety.

    Event Planning Company
    • wedding planning and services
    • concert planning and services
    • promo planning (PR)
    • exhibition planning
    • birthday celebration and christening planning
    • event planning
    • advertising campaign
    • video filming, photo shooting
    • printing and poster design
    The clients can order events via Internet on the official website of the company: (www.unistaff.am)




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