“Chaplin” cafe - bistro

Stroller Charlie - one of the most popular cinematography characters is waiting for you here, in Yerevan, to add new meaning and beauty to your day.

Here great characters created with Chaplin’s spirit have found their places on the walls, movie episodes- on screen, whereas music sounds - in the air. Everything is so unique and exclusive at this cafe; moreover, the famous actor fans will be pleasantly surprised by its unique design and atmosphere.

Unification of taste, film history as well as warm, relaxing environment will delight you with aesthetic pleasure and give you a pleasant mood, while attentive and hospitable staff will make your stay here as friendly and happy, as you'll feel during the gatherings with your favorite friends.  

The whole interior of this cafe - bistro with its unique solutions as well as the special menu will definitely capture each customer’s attention.

Menu stands out here for its diverse tasty and appetizing pizzas matching the movie names of this legendary actor.

“Chaplin” is also notable for its wide variety of business lunches, which are affordable, delicious and interesting.

Large assortment of the menu will satisfy even the most capricious customer.

“Chaplin” bistro always surprises its visitors with new and exclusive dishes, fantastic events and high class live music in 20 Mashtots avenue.

You can enjoy distinctive dishes of “Chaplin” also at your home or workplace, as this cafe – bistro has also delivery service.


    cafe – bistro 


    jazz, pop 

Special offer

    ● pizzas with the names of legendary actor’s films
    ● the menu of “Chaplin” cafe – bistro also includes a wide variety of business lunches, which are affordable, delicious and interesting

    ● delivery service is also at your disposal 



(+374-91) 88 15 88

(+374-95) 88 16 88




20 Mashtots ave., Yerevan,

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