“HAPPY DAY” festive accessories shop

Since 2010 “HAPPY DAY” festive accessories shop has been offering its visitors diverse range of exclusive services: serenade, love confession through balloons, nominal song orders performed by famous singers, dance performances, etc.


“HAPPY DAY “ provides complex services of wedding organization - church, home and hall interior design with floral decorations, natural flowers, balloons, ice sculptures and more.


Experienced specialists will make all your wishes and dreams come true. During the event adults will be attracted by the shows on special scenarios - beautiful dance and circus performances, and live statues “invited” from Middle Ages.  While grownups enjoy the evening, favorite characters of ‘’Walt Disney’’ will entertain the kids. Your original event and firework will be memorized by photo and video shooting.


Besides its various services “HAPPY DAY” also provides the visitors with festive accessories – candles, nominal cups and shirts, toys and many other presents for representatives of different ages.  This shop offers rental of various dresses - evening, scenic, as well as of various cartoon characters.


Thus, find the real reflection of your unique and exclusive event with the help of “HAPPY DAY” festive accessories shop.


    Festive accessories shop


    ● candles
    ● glasses
    ● festive accessories
    ● nominal caps, pillows, shirts, etc.


    ● decoration of halls and solemn measures with natural flowers
    ● floral decoration of corporative and other events
    ● balloons decoration
    ● gift packaging
    ● dance classes and performances
    ● circus show programs
    ● love confession with balloons
    ● nominal song orders, etc.

Special offer

    ● Ordering 3 cartoon characters you will get a balloon set-up for free.
    ● Making use of 3 and more services during wedding, newlyweds will have a pleasant surprise.

Current discount

    “HAPPY DAY” offers 10-20% discount for big purchase.

Payment type

    Cash and transfer


    Free delivery in case of big purchase.



(+374 10) 56 16 26


(+374 91) 47 89 89





36 Tigran Mets str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday – Sunday, 10am-8pm

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