“Havana” restaurant complex

 “Havana” restaurant complex opened its doors in 2011 and has managed to become a very popular and pleasant venue for everyone. All those who want to organize various vivid, unforgettable and interesting measures, always choose “Havana”, which has its own unique place in the society and enjoys the confidence of customers. Everyone feels confident in his right choice by visiting “Havana” once.  


According to the customer preference, this restaurant complex may offer a variety of nice halls : "Stateroom" ( up to 300 people), corporate events hall (up to 120 persons), business lounges (up to 14 people each one), “Eastern” hall (up to 30 people), “Havana” gorge and “Terrac” outdoor hall (100-300 people). Each spacious hall distinguishes by internal and external luxurious and comfortable interior corresponding to their names, which in its turn creates appropriate atmosphere and mood for the visitor during his event or meeting.


“Havana” complex plans and implements its own events during various occasions, which are filled with rich thematic, colorful and exciting surprises and accompanied by beautiful show programs.


Moreover, popular pop singers will make your evening full of pleasant moments with their live performances. “Havana show-ballet” will join them a little bit later with its dance genres: starting from lambada, ballet to Armenian, Latin and contemporary dances.  Music is also diverse here, but quality is ensured in all cases.


“Havana” restaurant complex stands out also for its diligent service. All the guests are served individually here during the evenings and events, whereas the “hero” of the day gets a surprise- in the form of a song or a dance.  The experienced and skillful staff of this complex is a true master of the work always willing to help the customer.


You can also enjoy your visit to “Havana” for just tasting delicious meals, as the latter is also rich in its cuisine assortment: Mexican, Arabic, Slavic, Armenian, etc. Here you will be offered firm dishes such as “Havana” fish, “Havana” salad or “Havana” unique and subtle cocktail.


“Havana” restaurant’s doors are open every day from 10:00am till 12pm, while special evenings are waiting for you from 19:30. Thus, visit yourself and you will see.


    Restaurant complex


    Armenian, Slavic, Indian and foreign 


    Armenian, Arabic, Russian, Mexican and foreign 


    “Havana” restaurant complex is very suitable for all kinds of events, banquets and  business meetings.


    "Stateroom", corporate events hall, business lounges, “Eastern” hall, “Havana” gorge and “Terrac” outdoor hall

Payment type

    Cash, bank cards and transfers 



(+374-10) 38 06 06


(+374-94) 38 06 06




1/6 Leningradyan str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Every day, 10am-12pm

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