“Hikvision Digital Technology” company

“Hikvision Digital Technology” is a worldwide brand, which presents diverse and multifunctional security video recorders. This company has started its activities in 2001. The achievements and continuous development of “Hikvision Digital Technology” surprise the consumers till nowadays.


At the initial stage this company had a branch only in Guangzhou, China. Later on, after reaching great tops in the sphere of technology, this company opened subsidiaries also in USA, Niderlands, Italy and United Arab Emirates. “Hikvision Digital Technology” cooperates with well-known Russian and Indian companies.


More than 8000 experienced employees work here, who spare no efforts in the creation and development of high quality of equipments. The company strives to be among the best brands of innovative technologies in the market.


The control video cameras of “Hikvision Digital Technology” have been imported to Armenia for about 3 years.  They are quite powerful, fix each second and ensure sound clarity.


“Hikvision Digital Technology” presents digital, network, color, flexible and hybrid cameras that fix each moment and have up to 5 megapixel power.   


A number of Armenian companies, hotels, rest houses and others make use of these technologies. The researches made in 2010-2012 have shown that “Hikvision Digital Technology” has a leading position among world-known and specialized technology brands.


    video cameras
    ● network
    ● analogue
    ● flexible, etc.

Special offer

    You can obtain each item presented by “Hikvision Digital Technology” in a very short term.



(+374 10) 34 90 31


(+374 95) 70 01 20




23/6 Margaryan str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday-Saturday, 12am-6pm

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