“Orange Elephant” Children Store

Every effort is exerted here to make one’s childhood gay and thoughtless. Since 2008, children have been provided with the most necessary tools and materials for self-expression, which are colorful, completely safe and non toxic. The assortment of products includes pencils, gouache, modeling dough, etc. Children above the age of 3 are welcome to become “Orange Elephant's” friends.


“Orange Elephant” has around 450 chain stores located in more than 30 countries. At present there are already 35 “Orange Elephant” franchize companies in Armenia. A store and an art-group simultaneously operate in the center of Yerevan. High class professionals with long-term experience and knowledge in child’s psychology work with children. Through artistic and creative work with pencils and modeling dough, children are taught to visualize their inner world by making amazing animals, little gay people, and unique pencil cases. Along with the mentioned activities, children are taught the techniques of applying batik on T-shirts.


All the required methods are employed for our little client’s self-development and self-education. It is up to the child to make a choice from the presented range of colors, materials, toys and other tools. Children are not restricted in their efforts aimed at evolving individual taste, perception of colors, flexibility of mind, and orientation skills.


The vigilant models (the colorful hedgehog, the plump bear, the astounded penguin, and other works of art)  made by our little visitors watch the customers’ impressions and reactions through the show windows. Children are granted prizes in forms of painting tools, game collections, etc., after master classes, which are constantly held in the center.


The presented assortment, com posed of  fabric, window paints, ceramics paints, modeling dough, gouache, oil colors, are made from ecologically friendly ingredients, natural and non allergic materials.  All the products have a declaration of conformity certifying on the samples’ compliance with safety standards.


The child has no necessity to carry anything while attending the art-group; all the necessary tools are supplied by “Orange Elephant”. The class duration is 45 minutes. The charge is AMD1000; in case of membership card acquisition 10 classes are charged AMD 7000.


The furnishings of the center, the colorful walls, yellow tables and chairs, the orange elephant’s cheerful muzzle, the music played in the hall, create favorable conditions for the child’s growth. All those efforts are exerted to meet the center’s slogan “nurturing by having fun”. The parents are subconsciously transfered to a thoughtless planet of childhood, while watching how their children discover and develop artistic talents interwoven in the atmosphere of fairytales provided by “Orange Elephant".

    Children store
    • paintings
    • gouache
    • modeling dough
    • photo frames
    • pencils
    • vinyl sheets
    • toys
    • master classes
    • arts and crafts classes
    Those, who consider themselves successful in business and want to become “Orange Elephant” franchise company, can contact us by phone: 010 52 71 75
    • while the children will be “nurturing by having fun”, the parents can have a cup of tea and taste delicious pastry.
    • the paints offered by the store are long-lasting, no-drip, and easily removable from hands and clothes. The modeling dough is air hardening and does not stick to hands.
    • all the necessary tools are supplied by the children development center, and there is no necessity to purchase them.
    • the visitors are offered to make a choice through the catalogues. The latter guides the customers through the diversity of materials and helps to identify the shape, the material and the technique of making.
    • the parents can order a cup with their child’s photo featured on it, which will be the best present for the latter.
    • the hall is equipped with a large LCD screen featuring children music videos, competitions, and awards organized by “Orange Elephant” all day long
Special offer
    By purchasing a photo frame from “Jewelry Box” and “The Royal Penguins” collections or “Butterflies” modeling dough box, the visitors will be granted a season-ticket for 5 and 10 classes free of charge respectively.



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Monday-Sunday, 11am-8pm

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