“Provence Boutique”

“Provence Boutique” has been presenting face and body French care means of natural origin since October 4, 2011. This store offers 5 brands with “Ecosert” certification - “Lothantique”, “terre d'Oc”, “NATURIGIN”, “ECO-COSMETICS” and “Florame”.


“Florame” brand here has a special corner of aromas that take off tiredness and tension, as well as of different hair care products. The latter include shampoos that prevent hair loss and threat them. Such features are also typical for the items of “ECO-COSMETICS”.


“NATURIGIN” brand provides ammonia-free hair colors, shampoos and softening means.  You can get body and face care items of “ECO-COSMETICS” at “Provence” - hair gels, lacquers, masks and shampoos for strengthening of hair roots,  sun protection creams, day and night creams, facial wash gels, milks, tonics, lips care means,  as well as toothpastes preventing parodontosis.


The assortment of “ECO-COSMETICS” includes body lotions, oils and hair gels for babies, which do not pinch their eyes. “Lothantique” and “Florame” brands present Eau de Toilette, shower gels and shaving foams. 


“Provence Boutique” also offers makeup means of “terre d'Oc” brand-eye shadows with argan oils, liquid and dry lipsticks, eye pencils.


    Cosmetic means store


    ● body gels, lotions
    ● bath milk
    ● hair colors
    ● hair softening means
    ● shampoos
    ● liquid and dry lipsticks
    ● face powder
    ● eye shadows
    ● various creams
    ● liquid and dense soups
    ● antiperspirants 
    ● eau de toilette, etc.


    “Provence Boutique” presents safe care means which have ECOCERT certification.

Special offer

    Here you can get sprays with the fragrance of fruits and flower.



(+374 10) 58 16 40


(+374 94) 75 15 10




14 Isahakyan str., Yerevan, RA

Web site:


Business hours

Monday- Saturday, (festive Sundays) 11am-7:30pm

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